Occupational First Aid Course Level 3 Pro Course

Sharp the skills of your attendants with a Recertification of their WorkSafeBC approved Occupational First Aid Course Level 3

Course Description and Goals

Our Recertification program for the third level of the Occupational First Aid Course will refresh every knowledge and technique you need to safely provide first aid in all environments and workplaces.

This renewal program is a 36-hour intensive course specially designed for Level 3 certificate employees. The classes consist of a supervised environment with practical examples through scenarios and reviews, which conducts the employees to seamlessly practice all the complex techniques of their previous training.

Unlike the regular course, the WorkSafeBC approved Occupational First Aid Level 3 Recertification takes a limited approach to the theory to full-scale the practical segments.

Our OFAC Level 3 Recertification program includes all the books and materials required to attend the classes. Lead by well-trained professionals, this is the best opportunity for the first aid attendants to hone their skills of assessment, life support & CPR, patient mobilization and several wounds treatment during occupational emergency situations.

Why Enroll in the Recertification Course?

If you or your employees still hold a current Level 3 certificate (not expired) but need to refresh the knowledge on more difficult techniques this Recertification will suit you well, but also help you save time and money!

Having first aid attendants with renewing skills prepares them to act promptly during an emergency or a health-related event in the workplace. These employees will always take the right decisions when it comes to treating injuries, practice CPR and transport patients, putting their wellness above any risk movements


The OFAC Level 3 Recertification’s fee is $675. There are no taxes on this course.


The Occupational First Aid Course Level 3 Recertification is a 1-week long program.


Class time for Level 3 Recertification is 8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday. These are our 2021 scheduled days:

Course Prerequisites:

  • student must possess a valid Level 3 certificate
  • student must have had and passed the Level 3 course two or more times


Companies should refer to WorkSafeBC (formally WCB) OHS Guidelines G#17 to determine the level of first aid for your business. Schedule 3-A for the minimum level of first aid.


This Recertification course is suitable for people in the following industries: lumber mill, pulp and paper mill, medic for oil and gas in BC (Alberta may require extra training), large logging companies, large road construction and Flagging.

Suggested minimum age of 16 years old. Students must be able to physically perform the maneuvers to attend it.


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Occupational First Aid Course Level 3 (Recertification)
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Occupational First Aid Course Level 3 (Recertification)