Basic Life Support Course

Basic Life Support course gives the competence to attend complex emergencies

Our accredited Basic Life Support course (BLS) will provide extensive knowledge to save lives after cardiac arrests or airway obstructions. The program teaches the optimal ways to stabilize patients after these common life-threatening emergencies and help while transporting them into a proper health center.

The learning process behind our basic life support program is made through interactive and fun practices with mannequins, guided by our professional staff and based on real-life case scenarios.

BLS comprises a series of techniques known as the foundation for saving lives after cardiac attacks and other illness-related situations where breath support and resuscitation are required. This training, led by certified instructors, who will teach through practices how to perform primary assessments, basic airway management, rescue breathing, and chest compressions.

The content program is specifically designed with strict medical protocols to work in any kind of situations, with special emphasis on emergency treatment of life-threatening emergencies, like crashes and illness, when patients may require additional caring.

The Basic Life Support course is 5 hours training program open to everyone who wishes to expand their first aid skills with effective saving maneuvers and the correct way to make use of kits and devices. The course includes all the books and resources required to attend classes.


Why You Must Know Basic Life Support?

Heart disease is rapidly increasing in Canada, making it now the second cause of death. The high number of heart-related complications, like heart attacks, are closely related to unhealthy lifestyles, like sedentarism and a poor diet. The sudden rate of these complications and the unexpected nature of these emergencies make basic life support techniques a highly valuable set of skills at any given moment.

BLS is the beginning of what the health professionals explain as the Chain of Survival, a systematic response protocol designed to attend a patient in these conditions in order to provide the care needed to return health and minimize the impact of these severe emergencies.


What Will You Learn at the Basic Life Support Course?

  • Glove removal.
  • Primary assessment.
  • CPR -- adult -- child -- infant -- neonate.
  • Bag Valve Mask use.
  • Defibrillators.
  • Airway obstruction -- responsive & unresponsive.


This is 5 hours program.


Add on to the BLS is Oxygen / Pulse-ox/BVM - $30 extra 

Add on to BLS is airways / OPA / intubation - $30. Extra


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